Hidden Infra

Long Lines Downtown Oakland!
Unused AT&T Long Lines antennas in Oakland, CA

Hi! I’m Connick. Welcome to my new project, Hidden Infrastructure. For the longest time, I have been fascinated by the unseen secrets of our world, which I like to call “hidden infrastructure”. I don’t mean the boring stuff like water pipes or electric grid transformers. I’m talking about things like disguised transit ventilation shafts, unseen underground bunkers, and remote weather stations.

As I have lived my day-to-day life, there have been times when I discovered some place or happened upon information about something that felt secret or out of place - like I wasn’t meant to find it or shouldn’t know about it. It’s these types of things that I categorize as hidden infrastructure. The never-give-a-second-thought plain door that leads to a subway tunnel, or a microwave antenna in the middle of the desert with nothing for miles in any direction.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog and project is to introduce you, my curious reader, to the invisible side of our relatively recent and ongoing human history, and hopefully make you question and ponder previously-normal everyday observations about our environment. For more info, see the About page.